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Booth No of 126th Canton Fair BoothNoof126thCantonFair FirstPhasefromOCT.15-19thC区15.1E29-33F12-16; SecondPhasefromOCT.23-27thC区16.3E32-33F10-11; >> more Our Booth Number of 124th Canton fair Booth No of 124th Canton Fair First Phase from OCT.15-19: 15.1 E29 -33 F12-16; Second Phase from OCT. 23-27 : 16.3 F10-11, E32-33 >> more Jinmao Got The First New Ladder GS Certificate In China TUV Rheinland issued the first new GS certificate to Tianjin Jinmao Group. This is the first GS certificate in P.R.C. under new ladders standard EK5/AK1 17-04:2017 >> more Las Vegas National Hardware Show 2017 119thcantonfair FirstPhasefromApril15-19:15.1E30-33F12-15; SecondPhasefromApril23-27:16.3B30-31C11-12; >> more Our Booth Number of 121th Canton fair OurBoothNumberofKolnInternationalHardwareFair2016: FromMarch6th-March8th,4.2E-081. Warmlywelcomeyoutoourboothtohaveameeting! >> more Jinmao Showroom Unveiled At the beautiful autumn of 2016, after months of redesign and redecoration, the showroom of Jinmao has been finally unveiled. If you are coming to visit Jinmao group for the first time, wishing to get a primary impression of the whole picture of our products, then you definitely can’t miss the showroom, now just prepare yourself to >> more Our Booth Number of 118th Canton Fair 1stPhase:FromApr15th-Apr19th,15.1E29-33_F12-16 2ndPhase:FromApr23rd-Apr27th,16.3B30-31_C11-12 >> more JINMAO Celebrated Her 30th Birthday The 30th anniversary celebration of Jinmao was held on 22th Dec.2014. All of the company leaders, factory directors and employees attended this celebration >> more JINMAO TESTING CENTER PASSED THE CNAS RE-ASSESSMENT Through the efforts of QC staff , Tianjin Jinmao Group Testing Center has passed the CNAS re-assessment (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) on Oct.14 , 2014. The center got its CNAS certification in 2011. >> more JINMAO ATTENDED 116TH CANTON FAIR Tianjin Jinmao Group participated the 116th Canton Fair started from Oct 15th ,sent out nearly 20 sales and engineers together with the lastest new products. >> more
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