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Large fiberglass platform ladder



 AS/NZS standard
Loading capacity:150kgs
Spacing between rungs:305mm
Multi-functional handrail combines the guardrail and tool holder functions together
The smart tray could open for holding paint cans
485x430mm huge platform with toe guard,providing an extra working space
The unique design:reinforced cross internal spreader
Strong PP+NBR anti-slip foot
Foldable safety gate and castors are optional



Tool holder

4X working platform

Reinforced cross

internal spreader

Castors Foldable guardrail


Item No. overall open height  platform height  reach height Approx.  Wt(kg) 20' 40'  40H
FA14-103  1.8m(6')  0.9m(3')  2.9m  12  174  348  372
FA14-104  2.1m(7')  1.2m(4')  3.2m  14.9  140  290  325
FA14-105  2.4m(8')  1.4m(5')  3.4m  15.5  102  204  285
FA14-106  2.7m(9')  1.7m(6')  3.7m  17.2  96  192  232
FA14-107  3.0m(10')  2.0m(7')  4.0m  19  48  144  174
FA14-108  3.3m(11')  2.3m(8')  4.3m  20.5  48  144  168


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