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Alum multi-use telescopic ladder




  Easy-push alum hinge

  Optional shelf

  Sorking platform

 Stair ladder
 Extension ladder



 ★ AMSI/OSHA standard
 ★Loading capacity:300 LBS
 ★Spacing between rungs:12''
 ★This ladder could be used as adjustable double sided ladder,step  ladder and stair ladder
 ★It could be also used as platform ladder when the plank and semilune hinge available
 ★Telescopic design could adjust to a comfortable working height easily
 ★Heavy duty aluminum self-locking hinge
 ★Wide flare bottom and anti-slip foot for firm support and stability


Item No. Size  Adjustable Stepladder(mm)  Stairway (mm) Scaffolding(mm) Extension(mm) Approx.Cu.  Ft  Per Unit (kg) Approx.     Wt.Lbs. Pack Size (cm)  40HQ
AM93-403IA  4X3  3'-5'  3'-5'  1'-2'  7'-11'  3.8  27.55  108x52x21  670
AM93-404IA  4X4  4'-7'  4'-7'  1'-3'  9'-15'  5.6  33.95  139x60x21  472




Heavy duty mighty plank

Item #:AMC1-201IA(6")
Material: aluminum
Loading capacity: Type IA,300LBS
Length: 1.8-2.7m(6"-9")
Platform width: 324mm(13")
Weight: 14.5kg(32Lbs)


• Aluminum Box section  
• Close up for easy transportation  
• Self locking pin for more safety when extended  
• Friendly finger protect design  
Logistic data: 
• Close dimension:1.83x0.34x0.62m  
• 20’ loading qty: 650pcs  


Semilune Hinge 
• Item No: FE4×4EⅡ-10 
• Weight:1.4kg(3.09lbs)/pair 
•Pack size:25.5x20.5x4,2cm




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